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How the magic of Tulum Mexico, a mutual love with nature and a strong desire to do something that matters redefined ecotourism....   

It was April 2014, I was planning my annual holiday escape to Tulum Mexico. Tulum has been a special place of solitude and spiritual connection for me many times over the past 20 years. On this particular holiday, I invited a friend to join me. For the sake of anonymity, let’s call her Kelly. Kelly was feeling a bit challenged in life and I knew that the magic of Tulum was exactly what she needed. And indeed, I was correct and by the end of our week in paradise she had her life figured out!

Little did I know at that time that my life was about to completely change directions as well.

On our final day of vacation we decided to explore the jungles of the Sian Ka’an Biosphere- a UNESCO World Heritage Site just outside of our hotel. We were searching for a local tour company to show us around but after driving down a dirt road with pot holes the size of our rental car for what felt like an hour, I was ready for a beer and a break. No sooner did I get those words out of my mouth a literal sign appeared for “Cold Beer”. We walked in, ordered our beers and I went for a walk on the most beautiful beach on the planet while Kelly stayed in for lunch.

When I returned to the restaurant Kelly was speaking with this interesting looking man with a large feather sticking out of his long,  double-braided hair, no shirt with both of his nipples pierced, and a huge wooden looking earring hanging from his left ear. When I first laid my eyes on Jorge I had a little giggle to myself and I thought who is this character? I thought for sure he was putting on a show for the tourists, something like a performance I had seen at Xcaret (eeekk- I do not recommend any of these “nature” parks- more like horrible tourist traps).

Jorge warmly smiled and introduced himself in his unexpected deep, commanding voice and asked if we had been up to the lookout point. We had not but it sounded like an adventure to me, so yes of course we want to go! The next thing I knew I was running barefoot through the jungle behind Jorge on a mission to rescue a litter of baby possums from some foreseen predators.         (he was doing the actual rescuing, I was along for the adventure)

Sara y Jorge Sian Ka'an Biosphere

"lookout point" -where the Caribbean Sea and the Sian Ka'an Biosphere are connected by a strip of jungle



Needless to say my initial judgement was way off and I was intrigued. The final hours of my holiday were spent with Jorge. We talked about the environment, politics, culture, spirituality, climate change and the effects to flora & fauna, to the people, and to our children’s futures.

We had so much fun that the conversations continued over the next two years. In April 2016, we decided to take action and combine my experience as a sustainability consultant building “green” businesses and Jorge’s experience as a nature and wildlife expert to bring to you: 

Green Maya: the ecotourism company that combines nature, spirit and culture to create the ultimate guided outdoor experiences.

Warning: This is not your typical tour. We do things differently at Green Maya Tulum. For starters, we like making genuine connections with each of our guests. We are passionate about protecting nature, wildlife and the wisdom of the indigenous peoples. Indeed you can expect the highest quality of service and safety but we are also all about creating experiences that make us all think, laugh, play and connect with the things that matter in life like time with our family and friends or time in nature. 

Please be weary of companies that use the words "green", "ecotourism" or "sustainable travel" to sell a ticket. Help us to encourage authentic ecotourism by asking questions or just come on over to Green Maya and rest assured knowing that we live by those words. Our excursions produce zero waste, our ecological footprint is small, we serve only healthy, locally made food and drinks, we pay livable wages and give back to the communities that we work in through education and financial help. Our team of guides are the best of the best, and we are proud to share their knowledge, spirit and energy on Green Maya excursions. Learn more about who we are

Our awesome   (and licensed) partner guides! 

Our awesome (and licensed) partner guides! 

Our mission is to protect the natural world, preserve the Maya culture and create experiences that our guests will reflect on for many years to come.

If you dig small groups, off the beaten path experiences, breathtaking photo opportunities and participating in one-of-a-kind stories too good not to share....... book your next eco excursion today!  

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See you next week with a special Earth Day gift..... With Love, Sara @ Green Maya