Happy Earth Day 2018! Calculate your ecological footprint today....

How many planet Earths does it take to sustain your lifestyle? Find the answer at: FOOTPRINT CALCULATOR

When we have all the data, it's easy to make smarter decisions. 

Leave your final score in the comments section below, let's get dirty and talk about our footprints.  :) 

Collecting data is step one, stay tuned for future posts that will include easy ways to reduce your ecological footprint @ El Buzz Verde.

If you know of someone who would like to (or should) calculate their ecological footprint please share this post! We are also totally cool if you want to share the calculator with your friends on your social sites. Knowledge is power and sharing is caring.

Love & Many Blessings, Sara @ Green Maya


P.S. I'll See you next week with "WARNING: 5 ways to stay safe while vacationing in Mexico"

I can't wait to share my undercover secret agent techniques with you!