exploration of the world's largest underground river system in the yucatan PENINSULA connected by cenotes (or sinkholes) sacred to the maya culture  

$149 USD PP

Description: Explore the gateways of the underworld that were once vital to Maya civilization. Visit the 3 types of cenotes: open, semi-open, and cavern. Learn about the connection into the planet’s largest underground cave system. Witness a beauty, unseen anywhere else in the world. Feel the mystical connection with caves that were once a sacred place for prayer and sacrificial offerings from the spirit guides to the Gods of the afterlife. Enjoy a habitat that is perfect for an abundance of flora and fauna such as fish, frogs and birds. See stalactites and stalagmites that have been forming for hundreds of years. A visit to a cenote means not only connecting with nature, but also a feeling of respect for its cultural and symbolic meanings. Feel mentally and physically  refreshed after a plunge into the sacred waters.

Included: Multi-lingual, highly experienced and certified nature guide, transportation, entrance fees, coffee/tea, water/bottles, healthy snacks (fruits, nuts, locally made granola bars), outdoor equipment per activity i.e. snorkel gear, life jackets

What to know: It is a walking and swimming adventure. The entrances of the cenotes can be rugged and slippery. The water in the cenotes can be colder than one may expect. Please do not wear body lotion/oils, hair cremes or perfumes as these products contaminate the water.  The weather can be very humid. Mosquitoes are a possibility. Wear light weight long sleeves/pants for ultimate protection.

Pick up time 8:00 a.m.- return time 2:30 p.m.

What to bring: sturdy walking/climbing shoes, hat, long sleeves, swim wear, towel, dry change of clothing, reusable water bottle, non-toxic insect repellent, camera 

Cancellation - Cancel before 24 hours for full refund. Less than 24 hours 50% to pay third parties.

Guarantee: If you are not 100% happy at the end of your excursion, please allow us to redeem ourselves and take you on our next available excursion -on us- free of charge.