Jorge's Milestones

1999 Participated in a bird tagging program in Sian Kaan Biosphere Reserve Tulum Mexico working with Ornithologist Waldemar Santamaria -love for birds was confirmed and for the first time envisioned a career doing something he loved    

2005 Worked with Maya communities to develop eco-tourism businesses in order to stop the exploitation of their lands

2006 Collaborated with sr. Cameron Boyd and sr. Alejandro Arenas to create a sustainable sea turtle program at The Ecological Center of Sian Kaan Biosphere Reserve, a UNESCO World Heritage Site

2009 Collaborated with sr. Pedro Glez. Rubio and sr. Manuel Carranza on the internationally acclaimed, award winning film, Alamar. Starring Jorge & his young son Natan. A beautiful story of family, love and life on the sea.

2011 Co-produced photo and poetry book, “Sabiduria” with Mrs. Josee Godbout Mayan Wisdom: book in three languages; French, English and Spanish.

2012 Participated in the documentary “Shades of Blue” with U.C.L.A. and Mrs. Lisa Glancy

2013 Received the honor of participating in the first official photo book of birds from the Yucatan Peninsula.  “Sal a Pajarear Yucatan” Personal bird photos were used for the book with Barbara Mackinnon

2016 Received national NOM- 09 certification for nature guides ensuring knowledge on the topics of the natural world and cultural heritage for the tourist

2016 After many years of freelancing for other tour companies and completing necessary certifications the time came to go out independently and offer Green Maya eco-tours for those that want to learn about Maya culture and/or protecting the natural world

Borrowing from John Muir, Jorge’s personal quote is “The jungle is calling and I must go.”