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Sara Renshaw at Green Maya Eco Excursions Tulum Mexico

Sara renshaw

Partner and CEO

Sara hails from the United States, originally from Tennessee and has lived the last 20 years in Los Angeles, California while raising her two children. For many years, the title of Domestic Goddess was cool with her, it was a good gig. However, that all changed in 2007 when she and a small group of friends co-founded the African water charity, Drop in the Bucket

While doing the research for the water charity, she also learned a great deal about the global water crisis. She could not ignore the enormity of the dire statistics facing humanity and soon after enrolled in the Global Sustainability Program at UCLA. In 2010, Sara graduated from the program with a whole new (not so optimistic) outlook on life. Looking at a future where polluted air, depleted natural resources and climate change are considered inevitable, she knew it was time to get busy. In 2011, she founded Green Life Consulting, a firm to help businesses implement "green" or healthy, smart, and sustainable strategies into operations and into the physical building.

Sara is always one to seek out adventure so it was no surprise that while on a holiday to Tulum, México in April 2014 she crossed paths in the middle of the jungle with her future business partner (read below). After a shared passion to protect the natural world and 3 years of WhatsApp phone calls Green Maya Tulum was born in 2017.

In 2018, finding it challenging to run Green Maya from another country she knew it was time to take that leap and make the move south of the border. Luckily, her 15 year old son is also adventurous and was down to give México a try. So they packed up their lives in Los Angeles and moved to the México.

Sara has worked in the sustainability industry for 12 years and will continue to do for the rest of her life. There is no plan or planet B. Sara enjoys yoga, meditation, moments lost in nature, running, snowboarding, healthy food, organic wine 🍷 and spending time with friends and family.

Bird Life

Bird Life



Jorge was born in Chiapas, Mexico. His love for the natural world and Maya culture was passed down from his parents. His family lived primarily from the land. They did not have access to a grocery store so they grew their own food, made their own medicines and lived in harmony with the natural world. His love for birds became apparent the day he tried to sneak a baby duck home from the market in his coat. Everything was fine until…. well ummm ducks go “quack quack”! His parents made him return the duck and learn the fine lesson of integrity.

Coming of age, feeling the pull of adventure Jorge knew it was time to leave the nest. In 1996, he set off to discover the Yucatan Peninsula. Eventually finding his way to Quintana Roo, which later proved to be a time of great spiritual, personal and professional growth. He became active in Maya communities as a voice for those without and studied Maya traditions under the village grandfathers. Jorge is a genuine person and has made many friends along the way. These friendships have played a major role in the opportunities that have crossed his path.

Jorge is an artist, an educator and a father of two. Also talented photographer, who has a way of exquisitely capturing wildlife in their natural habitats. Adorned in ceremonial jewelry and barefoot most of the time. 20+ years of experience as a nature and wildlife guide. First Aid certified with Red Cross. He is multi-lingual with Spanish, Italian, English and some Mayan dialects.
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