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We care deeply about Planet Earth. Sustainability is at the core of everything we do. We are committed to the rehabilitation & conservation of the natural world. There is a special place in our hearts for all flora and fauna. All of Earth's creatures have a purpose and are important to the huge ecosystem or web of life. We show respect to each of them, even those that some may think are scary or gross like snakes and spiders Eeeekkk! 🐍🐞

Maya culture and native traditions run deep throughout every excursion we share. We feel it is our responsibility to do all that we can to help keep the Mayas alive. They believed in human sacrifice so just in case, we prefer to keep the afterlife happy since we are using their sacred lands for our excursions!

We donate course instruction to Razonatura, a local non-profit organization that mimics our mission to protect the natural world and promotes sustainable tourism with a professional certification for tour guides. This makes it easy for us to hire the awesome, most qualified guides for our team before anyone else! All our partner tour guides are fully licensed by the Mexican government and certified emergency medical responder by the Red Cross.

To offset the carbon produced on our tours, we buy credits from Carbon Fund for projects that reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions such as wind power, water restoration, forestry and landfill gas capture. This helps us to balance our environmental footprint of doing business. Thank you for the donation that is included in your ticket price!

Our experiences are zero waste and we serve only healthy, locally made food and drinks. We will not offer you a Coca-Cola, however we are in Mexico, so it will not be too challenging to find one if you would like 😉. We do not give out all inclusive wristbands, brightly colored matching t-shirts or offer all you can eat buffets. We like small groups and authentic connections with each of our guests.

The natural world is abundant in beauty, knowledge and wonder. We believe that magic plays a role, some might call it science, but we can all agree that nature is beyond fascinating. Humans are an important part of the natural world, we are connected in many ways. However, it's easy to forget those connections in our fast paced, busy lives.

Green Maya is your link to reconnect with nature, to remember your purpose and to enjoy the peace of mind that comes from an outdoor recharge.  

Green Maya guests observing a giant spider and her web

We offer private, customized excursions or you can choose to meet a few new friends on one of our small group excursions. Our excursions are suitable for all ages. We can make adjustments for physical challenges and/or young children. We know how a five-year-old can feel after a few hours of adventure.

Bird Watching, maya Native Ceremonies, Special Event Ceremonies, Jungle Trekking, Canoeing, Night Hikes, Snorkeling, Lagoons, Cenotes, Archaeological Sites, Flora, Fauna (Wildlife), Retreats, Multi-day Eco-Excursions.... name your pleasure and let us be your guides.

If you like off the beaten path experiences, nature, breathtaking photo opportunities and one-of-a-kind stories to share..... we invite you to book your Green Maya Eco Excursion today! #notyourtypicaltour